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Vasectomy Reversal Near Greenville, SC 

Dr. Scott Donaldson of Upstate Urology specializes in vasectomy reversals allowing couples to conceive naturally. With over 20 years of experience in urology, he is a top urologist in the Southeast. Dr. Donaldson has trained resident urology physicians and held leadership positions in hospitals for over twenty years. Learn more about his expertise in vasectomy reversal by reading the FAQs on Vasectomy King.

Patients at Upstate Urology can expect a competitive all-inclusive price for their procedure. Dr. Donaldson's practice utilizes an accredited urological surgery center where vasectomy reversals are done, providing a safe and comfortable experience. He can also perform the procedure in his office for a substantially reduced price. Couples looking to reverse a vasectomy can rely on Dr. Donaldson's experience and dedication to helping them achieve their family goals.

Are Vasectomies Reversible?

Answer: Yes.

People have vasectomy reversals for multiple reasons such as the loss of a child or a spouse or a new marriage. Some couples have a simple change of heart. Reversals done within ten years of a vasectomy have high natural pregnancy rates. After ten years it is still possible to conceive a child “naturally” after a vasectomy reversal however the quality of the sperm declines making “normal conception” difficult. There are now multiple less expensive infertility techniques that can be utilized as long as viable sperm are present. After a successful reversal, it is common for sperm production to decline. I believe this is due in part to scarring at the site of the reversal procedure. I am recommending that as soon as sperm are present, we begin banking sperm as even “normal” conception can take some time.

vasectomy reverals near Greenville, SC

How Much Does a Vasectomy Reversal Cost?

The price of a vasectomy reversal is outrageously expensive. Dr. Donaldson, having suffered the loss of an adult son, is committed to making the price of a vasectomy reversal affordable to most anyone.

This procedure will be done with multiple skilled hands utilizing an operating microscope and modern techniques whether performed in his office or an accredited surgery center.

$5000.00: In-office price
$8000.00: Surgery Center

There is no charge for a pre-visit consultation. A deposit will be required to schedule surgery.

Dr. Donaldson is a board-certified urologist dedicated to providing exceptional care to patients. With extensive experience, he has successfully completed thousands of procedures. Selecting a urologist such as Dr. Scott Donaldson for a vasectomy reversal in Greenville is crucial for achieving successful outcomes and effectively managing costs.

Upstate Urology operates its own facility and provides transparent pricing along with quality care. Patients can trust an experienced surgeon and dedicated team for a vasectomy reversal for a reasonable price.

Expectations for Getting Pregnant After Vasectomy Reversal

The success rates of a vasectomy reversal can vary depending on the length of time since the initial vasectomy procedure. According to a study conducted by Belker et al., patients who undergo a vasectomy reversal within 3 years of their initial vasectomy have a patency rate of 97% and a pregnancy rate of 76%. These are relatively high success rates, indicating that the chances of achieving a successful reversal and subsequent pregnancy are quite favorable in the earlier stages after the vasectomy.

However, as time passes since the initial vasectomy, the success rates tend to decrease. For example, patients who undergo a reversal between 9-14 years after their vasectomy have a patency rate of 79% and a pregnancy rate of 44%. Similarly, those who wait more than 15 years before attempting a reversal have lower success rates, with a patency rate of 71% and a pregnancy rate of 30%. These findings highlight the importance of timing when considering a vasectomy reversal and suggest that earlier reversals may offer better outcomes in terms of patency and pregnancy rates.

I believe the pregnancy rates will improve with the banking of sperm.

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