vasectomy specialist near Greenville, SC

Vasectomy Specialist Near Greenville, SC

Vasectomy is a popular choice among men who have decided they do not want to father any more children or do not want to have children at all. It is a relatively simple surgical procedure that involves cutting and sealing the tubes that carry sperm from the testicles to the urethra, preventing sperm from being ejaculated during intercourse. This makes it an effective method of permanent contraception, with success rates exceeding 99%.

Compared to tubal ligation in women, which involves clamping, cutting, or sealing off the fallopian tubes, vasectomy is considered a much simpler and less invasive procedure. Vasectomies can be performed quickly in an office setting under local anesthesia, whereas tubal ligation requires general anesthesia and a longer recovery time. Furthermore, vasectomy carries fewer risks of complications and tends to be less expensive than tubal ligation. Overall, vasectomy is a safe and effective form of contraception for men who have completed their desired family size or are looking for a reliable birth control option.

Same day vasectomy in Greenville, SC

Get a Same-Day Vasectomy

At Upstate Urology, you can get a same-day vasectomy! Our office is conveniently located a few minutes outside of Greenville, SC.

Aftercare fits conveniently into your life. The local anesthetic will wear off over the next 4-6 hours. Ice packs, frozen peas, Advil, Tylenol, the couch, and television will be your best friend. Take the first 24-48 hours easy, as "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

You may shower the following day.

Most people will return to work within 24-72 hours. Those who do manual labor tend to have a slower recovery. Self-employed folks tend to take the least time off. It typically takes 4-6 weeks for all discomfort to resolve.
You may resume "marital" relations whenever you're ready.

How Does a Vasectomy Work?

During a vasectomy, the tubes that carry sperm are cut. This prevents sperm from leaving the body during ejaculation. Your body will still produce sperm, but they will be re-absorbed since they can't exit the body.

After a vasectomy, seminal fluid won't change. Even though sperm is no longer present, ejaculation will look and feel the same. Testosterone levels are not affected, and it doesn't impact your ability to have an erection. In essence, a vasectomy is a safe and effective form of contraception for men who no longer want to have children.

How to Prepare for a Vasectomy

Before your vasectomy, it's important to follow steps for success. One key step is stopping certain medications and supplements that can increase bleeding risk. It may be recommended to avoid vitamin supplements, aspirin, or ibuprofen for a few days to a week before the procedure. Follow Dr. Donaldson's instructions closely to reduce any risk of complications.

Tell Dr. Donaldson if you are taking blood thinners before getting a vasectomy. He can adjust your medication and give you guidance on managing any bleeding risks. Eat a light meal before the procedure to maintain energy and prevent lightheadedness. Prepare ahead of time and follow these tips for a smooth vasectomy experience.

How to Schedule a Vasectomy

We do not require a pre-vasectomy visit. All the information is available on the website. Any other questions can be addressed before the procedure. We do not file insurance. You will be provided a receipt and description of the procedure through our portal. You can then submit it all to your insurance company, which will either add it to your deductible or reimburse you for your cost, similar to dental insurance.

At Upstate Urology, you get to skip the standard six-month waitlist and the uncomfortable hospital visit. Instead, you'll get seen by Dr. Scott Donaldson, who is a board-certified urologist. He has practiced and continues to practice the specialty of urology for more than 25 years. He has trained resident urology physicians throughout his career and has held the title of clinical faculty at both UNC and Duke Urology. For over ten years, he has held the highest physician hospital leadership positions, from Chair of Peer Review to Chief of Staff.

Dr. Donaldson is the premier choice for vasectomies near Greenville, SC. Call to schedule your appointment with Carolina's Vasectomy King.

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