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Dr. Scott Donaldson, A Board-Certified Urologist

Dr. Scott Donaldson is a board-certified urologist. He has practiced and continues to practice the specialty of urology for more than 25 years. He has trained resident urology physicians throughout his career and has held the title of clinical faculty at both UNC and Duke Urology. He has held the highest physician hospital leadership positions, from Chair of Peer Review to Chief of Staff, for over ten years. Read the FAQs to learn about Vasectomy King.

Dr. Donaldson is the premier choice for vasectomies near Greenville, SC. Call to schedule your appointment with South Carolina's Vasectomy King.

He is an author and storyteller who has a syndicated radio show, is the father of three husbands of one, and did his vasectomy (just kidding).

Vasectomy Experience

The worst part about any vasectomy is the period from signing up until the day you walk through the door. Once you're here, you'll be fine. Located just minutes from Greenville, SC, our office is designed to ensure your vasectomy experience is as comfortable as possible.

You'll need to shave the area of concern and shower before your procedure.

We ask that you have a driver as you'll be met at the door with a glass of Black Jack Daniels Whiskey, which serves as a relaxant and status symbol.

Your wife or significant other will be invited to be with you during your vasectomy. I'll encourage you to moan and groan to demonstrate the great sacrifice you're making for the good of the family, which creates great sympathy from your loved one and may pay great dividends later.

You'll lay on a table about waist high. I'll sterilize the area of concern and place a sterile drape. I'll often ask you to cross your legs as it brings the business out of the hole and into my field.

The most challenging part of the entire procedure was when I grasped the tube and manipulated it into the field. I will inject local and give you notice it is time to groan so that your loved one leans in close and hopefully sheds a tear and makes all kinds of distant and likely unkept promises that only a wife or girlfriend can make.

Once the local is in, the war is over. I'll make a small puncture wound (so-called non-scalpel). I'll use a special tool to isolate the vas deferens from the surrounding tissue and bring it through the incision. I'll clamp both ends of the vas deferens, remove a tube section, and place clips on either end. I'll then sew one end of the vas deferens separating it from the other. Most of the time, I can do both sides through the same small incision. I will then place one stitch in the skin, which will fall out over the next week or so.

I allow the wife, girlfriend, or significant other to cut the tube.

Occasionally someone asks for a mirror so they can watch.

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Vasectomy After Care

The local anesthetic will wear off over the next 4-6 hours. Ice packs, frozen peas, Advil, Tylenol, the couch, and television will be your best friend. Take the first 24-48 hours easy, as "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

If you use frozen peas, I recommend serving them to your mother-in-law as succotash once completely healed.

You may shower the following day.

Most people will return to work within 24-72 hours. Those who do manual labor tend to have a slower recovery. Self-employed folks tend to take the least time off. It typically takes 4-6 weeks for all discomfort to resolve.

You may resume "marital" relations whenever you're ready.

We will order a home test called "SpermCheck." There are multiple other tests available. It is similar to a pregnancy test, self-explanatory, and can be performed in the privacy of your own home.

You'll need to perform a home sperm check three months or so after your vasectomy to ensure you are infertile.

Vasectomy Cost

We do not require a pre-vasectomy visit. All the information is available on the website. Any other questions can be addressed before the procedure. We do not file insurance. You will be provided a receipt and description of the procedure through our portal. You can then submit it all to your insurance company which will either add it to your deductible or reimburses your cost, similar to dental insurance.

Vasectomy….899.00 — Most cost-effective. Read or watch the details of the procedure on our web page, sign into the portal, fill out your medical history, make a reservation, meet Dr. Donaldson, sign a consent first, then enjoy a glass of Black Jack Daniels Whiskey and have your procedure. All post-vasectomy visits are free.

Per Vasectomy Visit…$200.00 — Only required if you read the provided website material, view the video, and still wish to meet my staff and me before your procedure. Our office is located a little over 10 miles outside Greenville, SC.

Pre-vasectomy phone or video visit…$100.00 — Only required if you read the provided website material, view the video, and wish to speak with Dr. Donaldson before your procedure.

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